Field of Wonders. 

Petrivka is a flea market situated along Verbova street, around Zenith local railway station in Kyiv, Ukraine. On a good day, one can find over 300 sellers here.

This is a unique place where time seems to be standing still. Perhaps people themselves chose to ignore the changes, or maybe, they needed a capsule like this, a place where everything is always "as it used to be", a place where they know how to live. I met different people here. Men who have read prayers for my luck, women who have lost their children and were ashamed that they were forced to sell stuff every weekend. Young men who sold expired foods (and these products are readily bought by the retired). The retired themselves sell books and clothes of their youth in Petrivka. For them, there's hardly any other way to earn some extra money in addition to their pensions.

This is a story about people. Besides the things which are fragments from the past, there are also people who are its shrapnels.

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